Digital Analytics Training

Digital analytics training, automation, and process optimization are the backbone of ABBrown Analytics’ offerings.   We recognize that the drive to understand customers is increasing and so is the need for accurate real-time analytics.   Data is the link to understanding what and how your audience thinks.  It delivers a more complete picture thus demystifying how to best market to your customer. 

Digital Analytics Training

Audience: marketers/business people, developers, and analysts. Our training is tool-agnostic and essential for analysts and marketers alike. Topics include terminology and web analysts’ concepts aimed at leveraging data to tell an effective story. An ABB expert will walk your team through how to understand your web analytics and then apply them to your business initiatives. These marketing insights will provide you the tools to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and achieve your business goals.

Analytics and Automation

Building your analytics and data team but need help during your candidate search?
Our experienced analysts can fill in during this gap, as well as ensure a fast learning curve for new team members.We solve problems with our breadth and depth of experience in analyzing web data, product data, market share, marketing performance, and voice of customer.

Process Optimization and Scalability


Data, data everywhere. You have the data to support your marketing and business goals but how do you optimize the reporting of this data? Often a process that worked well in the beginning becomes a burden when it needs to scale up to dozens, or even hundreds, of stakeholders, geographies, or departments. We have 20 years’ experience streamlining these processes, putting the analyst in the driver’s seat and decreasing dependency on development resources.

Additionally, this wealth of experience includes scaling up reports and analyses to several business units, a hundred countries, and/or thousands of customers. By designing effective data-collection, the ability to scale and growth with your business needs is easy.

We haven’t met a challenge that we can’t build a meaningful, scalable solution to solve it.

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