Digital Analytics Expertise

Angie has over 20 years’ experience in digital analytics, guiding a wide variety of companies to improve their business results by using data to understand their customers. Formerly an engineer, she moved into web analytics when the industry was brand new, expanding into a wider range of marketing analytics, product analytics, market characterization, and customer research as the industry and available data sources matured. Her clients have included stakeholders from technology, retail, publishing, healthcare, travel, entertainment, food processing, manufacturing, and insurance industries.

She has worked both on the vendor and practitioner side of analytics and is a prior co-chair of the Standards Committee for the Digital Analytics Association. Because most of her career has been spent at large, complex, multi-national companies, Angie has become adept at standardizing and simplifying data inputs and outputs across a variety of data sources and for many different stakeholders.

Angie is available as a speaker/trainer on a variety of digital analytics topics. Past speaking engagements include:

  • Web Analytics Vendor Standards Compliance (eMetrics, May 2009)
  • The use of web analytics for better understanding customers and market preferences in order to improve or prioritize products, messages, support, sales & marketing outreach. (Unica MIS 2009)
  • Usage Data for Publishers (Association of American Publishers Electronic Information Committee, Sep. 2010)
  • KPI Clinic, The Doctors Are In (eMetrics, Oct. 2010 and Oct. 2011)
  • Web Analytics and User Experience Fusion (eMetrics, Mar. 2011)
  • Web Analytics and User Experience Forum (eMetrics, Apr. 2011)
  • Tight Conversion Optimization can be a Killer (eMetrics, Apr. 2012)
  • I’m not a data scientist but… (eMetrics, May 2017)

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